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Showcasing our international guest speaker at Involve 2018: Dr Julia Pryce - Loyola University of Chicago 

Dr Pryce is recognised internationally for her pioneering work in understanding the relationship processes involved in youth mentoring. Her seminal work on mentor attunement (a technique combining empathy, interpersonal cue reading, and situational responsiveness) has had a notable impact in helping programs train staff and mentors in interpersonal skills critical to strong mentoring relationships.

Her workshop will focus on the concept of attunement--a set of skills among mentors and staff that facilitate relationship connection. Through this workshop, participants will learn what attunement looks like. Through sharing an evidence-informed practice model (The Mentoring FAN--Facilitating Attuned Interactions), Dr. Pryce will illustrate how programs can develop attunement among their staff and mentors, and how attunement can improve relationships across the mentoring system. She will also introduce the pilot results from the Mentor Attunement Scale, a measure developed with New Zealand colleagues to assess levels of attunement among volunteer mentors, and will invite partners to pilot the scale in their agencies.

Where and when: Involve 2018 Interactive Workshop |Tuesday 14th August, 11.15am – 12.30pm

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