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ON this page you can read about our signature initiatives which include:

  • THe Guide to Effective and Safe Practice in Youth Mentoring Aotearoa New Zealand
  • NZYMN website
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Youth Mentoring National Conference.

Guide to Effective and Safe Practice in Youth Mentoring, Aotearoa New Zealand, 2nd Edition

June 2016

The NZYMN is delighted to announce the publication of its second edition of the Guide to Effective and Safe Practice in Youth Mentoring. 

The first edition, published in 2008 was a benchmark document that drew together essential knowledge for New Zealand’s emerging youth mentoring sector.

The 2nd edition has been refreshed and updated with the latest research in effective youth mentoring practice, and the new safety checking and child protection policy guidelines introduced as part of the Vulnerable Children’s Act 2014. It offers practical advice and guidance on how best to provide high-quality mentoring in day-to-day operations. 

Download a copy

NZYMN Effective Practice Guide updated November 2018

Or order a printed copy of the Guide - please send an A4 stamped addressed envelope to: 

New Zealand Youth Mentoring Network
P O Box 99726
Auckland 1149

Standard postage is $3.00

NZYMN website

This website includes access to the latest research and best practice resources; information for people interested in becoming a mentor; information for programme providers; and a comprehensive database of youth mentoring programmes offered throughout New Zealand.  

Professional development opportunities

NZYMN runs a number of professional development workshops for those wanting to develop skills in mentoring young people:

  • MentorPlus - 2 day workshop that focuses on the skills required to be an effective mentor to young people, and 
  • Mentoring Matters - 2 day workshop focused on assisting organisations to implement an effective Youth Mentoring programme or align their current mentoring offering with international best practice.
  • National Certificate in Youth Work Level 3 – in partnership with Careerforce, NZYMN offer those who work with young people the opportunity to gain credits towards their National Certificate in Youth Work. 

Biennial National Conference

The biennial national conference, established in 2007, is the signature event for the Youth Mentoring sector in NZ.  It brings together programme providers, practitioners; youth workers, academic researchers, policy makers,  and government representatives.  The conference provides a forum to explore and advance mentoring’s positive impact on individuals and communities by elevating innovative programme models; sharing best practices and emerging research.