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Conference surveys - what people told us

We asked conference delegates to provide feedback on: 

  • the conference itself, and
  • the New Zealand Youth Mentoring Network's key priorities.  

Feedback on the Conference

Delegates' feedback was overwhelmingly positive, rating the conference highly on the range of speakers; opportunities to network and programme content.  Overall ratings for the individual conference sessions and speakers were also very positive:

  • four sessions were rated good
  • ten sessions were rated very good, and
  • seven sessions were rated excellent.

Nathan Mikaere-Wallis aptly named session 'Bootcamps won't build a frontal cortex' was the most well-received session with a rating of 4.55 out of 5.

Specific suggestions tabled for consideration were:   

  • Share conference participant information to foster connections
  • Provide opportunities to establish networks with other agencies to share information and knowledge and to explore collaborate opportunities - people are keen to understand who is doing what in the sector
  • Incorporate interactive group discussions to delve more deeply into key issues providers and the sector face and to explore possible solutions
  • Incorporate different faiths and cultures
  • Make it more affordable and accessible to grassroots organisations.

Feedback on the New Zealand Youth Mentoring Network's key priorities

Feedback received indicates people are very supportive of role the NZ Youth Mentoring Network fulfils in the sector.  In all instances the majority of respondents rated the four key priorities the Network has outlined for the next three years as 'very important' and either 'agreed or strongly agreed' with the 20 specific deliverables that full under the respective priority.

Specific suggestions tabled included:

  • Run regular youth mentoring focused meetings in the community
  • Consider mini conferences / presentations in places other than Auckland
  • Survey the sector to establish a more comprehensive database of organisations offering mentoring services
  • proactively contact programmes providers, particularly those in more remote areas to find out their needs and how the Network can support them
  • Provide website functionality to enable the sector to share information more readily
  • Include the voice of youth in the delivery and implementation of any youth initiatives. 

Thank you for this valuable feedback.  It is extremely useful input to our strategy plan, which we are currently updating and will share with the sector shortly.