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Develop a programme

Programme Evaluation

Programme evaluation, whilst it may seem somewhat daunting and challenging, is an opportunity to think critically and reflectively about what works and what can be improved. It is not simply an exercise in compliance, but a way to check that the programme is robust and effective at serving young people.

Refer to pages 32 - 33 of the Guide NZYMN Effective Practice Guide_Programme Development

You may also find this checklist useful NZYMN Effective and Safe Practice in Youth Mentoring_Programme Evaluation Checklist

Ensure programme quality and effectiveness:

Develop a plan to measure programme process:

  • Select indicators of programme implementation viability and volunteer fidelity, such as training hours, meeting frequency and relationship duration; and
  • Develop a system for collecting and managing specified data. „

Develop a plan to measure expected outcomes:

  • Specify expected outcomes;
  • Select appropriate instruments to measure outcomes, such as questionnaires, surveys and interviews; and
  • Select and implement an evaluation design.

Create a process to reflect on and disseminate evaluation findings:

  • Refine the programme design and operations based on the findings; and
  • Develop and deliver reports to program constituents, funders and the media (at minimum yearly or as specified)