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Develop a programme

Programme Management

There are many general management and administrative tasks all organisations need to do on a day-to-day basis. This section does not attempt to address all of these. Rather it provides a summary of recommended practices that aim to support the ongoing growth, sustainability and reliability of mentoring programmes.

Refer to pages 31 - 32 of the Guide NZYMN Effective Practice Guide_Programme Development

You may also find this checklist useful NZYMN Effective and Safe Practice in Youth Mentoring_Programme Management Checklist

Ensure the programme is well managed:

Form an advisory group:

  • Define the advisory group roles and responsibilities;
  • Recruit people with diverse backgrounds to serve on the group; and
  • Facilitate the advisory group meetings to improve programming and management.

Develop a comprehensive system for managing programme information:

  • Manage programme finances;
  • Maintain personnel records;
  • Track programme activity, such as volunteer hours and matches;
  • Document mentor/mentee matches;
  • Manage risk; and
  • Document programme evaluation efforts.

Design a resource development plan that allows for diversified fundraising: 

  • Seek in-kind gifts;
  • Hold special events;
  • Solicit individual donors;
  • Seek corporate donations;
  • Apply for government funding; and
  • Seek foundation grants.

Design a system to monitor the programme:

  • Review policies, procedures and operations on a regular basis;
  • Collect programme information from mentors, mentees and other participants; and
  • Continually assess customer service.

Create a professional staff development plan:

  • Provide ongoing staff training; and
  • Build on staff members’ skills and knowledge.

Establish a public relations/communications effort:

  • Identify target markets;
  • Develop a marketing plan;
  • Gather feedback from all constituents;
  • Develop partnerships and collaborations with other organisations; and
  • Recognise mentors, mentees, other programme participants, funders and organisations that sponsor mentoring programmes.

Implement the programme: 

  • Recruit programme participants, such as mentors, mentees and other volunteers;
  • Screen potential mentors and mentees;
  • Orient and train mentors, mentees and parents/caregivers;
  • Match mentors and mentees;
  • Bring mentors and mentees together for mentoring sessions that fall within programme parameters;
  • Provide ongoing support, supervision and monitoring of mentoring relationships;
  • Recognize the contribution of all programme participants; and
  • Help mentors and mentees reach closure.