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Please find a listing of presentation and papers that have been made available following the special one day Youth Mentoring Conference held on the 14 June 2016

9.15am - 9.20am

Welcome address - Hon Nikki Kaye, Minister for Youth (via video)

Minister Kaye recorded a brief welcome address as she was not able to join us in person for the conference.

View the Ministers welcome address.

9.30am - 10.10am

Joint keynote opening address - Hana O'Regan and Nathan Mikaere-Wallis

Nathans's research interest is the workings of the human brain, and Hana is completing her PhD on language revival methodologies for te reo Kai Tahu. While these have some overlap (it is the brain that acquires the ability to korero after all!) Nathan and Hana used this keynote address to explore the concept of Tuakana/Teina (loosely translated here as peer support/mentoring). How does the concept of rakatirataka (leadership/excellence/role modelling) and cultural empowerment inform our understanding of the role of mentor and the concept of Tuakana/Teina? How is this reinforced and understood from a brain development/neuroscientific perspective?

Joint opening address - Hana and Nathan

Audio recording of session (note: unfortunately the first 15 minutes of this session were not recorded, so the audio starts with Hana part way through her part of the presentation)

10.30am - 11.40am

Panel - Guide to Effective and Safe Practice - The big picture

Panel members:

  • Hilary Dutton, Doctoral candidate and research assistant, University of Auckland
  • Dr Kelsey Deane, PhD, Lecturer in the School of Counselling, Human Services and Social Work, Faculty of Education and Social Work at the University of AucklandUniversity of Auckland
  • Nicki McDonald, NZYMN General Manager and project leader for the Guide development project

Lady Susan Satyanand, Patron of the NZ Youth Mentoring Network facilitated this session. The key purpose of the session was to introduce the Guide so enable people to easily navigate and use it back in their work environments. 

Nicki provided a brief introductory overview and then Hilary and Kelsey together with Nicki covered particular aspects of the Guide in a little more detail.  

Link to presentation slides 



11.40am - 12.10pm 

Keynote address: Michael Moka

hara taku toa I te toa takitahi - My success is not because of me alone


Michael shared his story around his experience of being mentored:


- How the mentor played the role to shatter limiting beliefs


- How the mentor was different and the same


- How mentors can play a role that no one in their whanau can


He provided some insights on how we can enhance the well being of our youth so they can have the Mana (Power and Authority) to achieve their goals.


link to presentation slides 

Audio recording of presentation



12.10pm - 12.30pm 

Government update: Robyn Scott, Director Ministry of Youth Development

Robyn outlined the government’s community investment approach and what this means for the youth sector.

link to presentation slides 

1.30pm - 2.45pm

Panel discussion: Important local issues in the Youth Development / Mentoring Sector

Panel members:

Dr Pat Bullen, Senior Lecturer, School of Learning, Development and Professional Practice, The University of Auckland

Pat will provide an overview of the youth mentoring research conducted in Aotearoa New Zealand to date, highlighting findings that both converge with and diverge from mentoring practice overseas. She will argue that given its link to effective and safe practice, research should be viewed as an integral part of programme practice.

Anya Satyanand, Executive Officer, Ara Taiohi

Anya will discuss the state of youth development in New Zealand in 2016. She will present international and national perspectives on where we're at, gathered through Ara Taiohi's international advocacy and work at a national level to connect the sector, raise the standards, champion youth development and promote sustainability

David Richards, Projects & Strategy Manager, The Tindall Foundation

Dave will discuss The Tindall Foundation's approach to youth development funding and collaboration and share ideas for achieving long term sustainability.

Link to Pat Bullen presentation files 

Link to Anya Satyanand presentation slides 

Link to Dave Richards presentation slides  

3.00pm - 3.40pm

Voices of mentoring

Panel members:

Solomon Group - Sid Tuaoi and Shamayne Ashworth

Tuilaepa Youth Mentoring Services - Robson Tavita

Great Potentials Foundation - Shana Malio

Fuimaono Tuisau facilitated this session and invited each panel member to speak about the mentoring they are doing with young people in the community. 

3.40pm - 4.10pm

Closing keynote address - Dr Karlo Mila

Karlo spoke about ‘Opening our ears to ancestral mentors:' the importance for young Pasifika and Maori to have access to ancestors as mentors - to draw on and re-engage with ancestral knowledge, wisdom, language, worldviews, wellbeing constructs and proverbs - a treasure-house of somewhat marginalized ‘mentoring’ knowledge.

Link to presentation summary (coming soon)