The Youth Mentoring Network

Professional Development

Sharing the Kaupapa Workshops

Workshop objectives

  • To learn more about effective mentoring
  • To develop specialised skills to build relationships with young people
  • To reintroduce and remind practitioners about the Guide to Effective and Safe Practice in Youth Mentoring (2nd edition)
  • To continue from the initial series of Sharing the Kaupapa regional workshops, which explored the Guide
  • To expand upon Section 3 of the Guide: The Mentoring Relationship
  • To provide new frameworks, research and skills to strengthen quality mentoring relationships, available for all levels of mentoring programme delivery, including coordinators, teachers, mentors, youth workers and volunteers.
  • To strengthen regional and national networks in the well-established youth mentoring community
  • To have fun!

Workshop content and structure

The workshop is structured to mirror the typical mentoring relationship journey.

Youth mentoring recognises culture.

  • What are the unique indigenous approaches to mentoring in Aotearoa?
  • What are our cross-cultural competencies?
  • How do our cultures weave throughout everything we explore?

Youth mentoring requires contemplation

  • How do we reflect on our motivations to mentor?
  • How do we consider what young people are looking for and need?
  • Can we name programme aims, goals and expectations?

Youth mentoring prioritises connections

  • How to connect with young people? What works?
  • How are mentoring relationships formed?
  • Can we reflect on mentors in our own lives, and their impact on us now?

Youth mentoring creates covenants

  • How can we co-create with young people a shared purpose and goals?
  • How do we set boundaries and expectations?
  • Who needs to be involved in the relational agreement or ‘covenant’?

Youth mentoring includes challenges

  • How can we respond to defiant and challenging behaviour?
  • How do we avoid power struggles and conflict?
  • How can we refocus, repair and get relationships back on track?

Youth mentoring needs continuity

  • What skills and qualities can we apply as relationships mature?
  • How do mentoring relationships develop long term?
  • What kinds of ritual and rhythms can we create?

Youth mentoring enables change

  • What impact are our relationships actually having?
  • How can we evaluate progress and the covenant?
  • How do we know we’ve made a difference?

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